Balance & Maintain the Aquarium

  • Remove Nitrates
  • Clear Cloudy Water
  • Remove Ammonia
  • Polish the Water
  • Remove Pollutants
  • Balance & Protect

01 Problem Solver

ALGONE corrects nutrient imbalances, clears cloudy aquarium water, and restores the biological balance of the fish tank.

02 Protect & Prevent

ALGONE enhances and protects fish life by maintaining a low nutrient aquarium. Common aquarium problems caused by poor water quality are prevented.

Welcome to Algone!

ALGONE is designed to make aquarium maintenance as easy and trouble-free as possible.

About Algone

ALGONE solves common aquarium problems caused by deteriorating water quality. Algone restores the biological balance needed for healthy and thriving aquatic life. ALGONE maintains a low nutrient environment and continuously removes harmful pollutants and toxins, resulting in the ideal environment for a successful aquarium.

Problem Solver

ALGONE solves aquarium problems caused by deteriorating water quality. High nitrates & ammonia, dissolved organic pollutants, and other toxins negatively affect fish health. If left untreated the aquarium will also significantly degrade visually.

Prevention & Protection

ALGONE maintains a low nutrient environment, resulting in the ideal conditions for a successful aquarium. Continuously removing nutrients and pollutants from the water column protects fish health and keeps the water crystal clear.

Available for small to medium aquariums, as well as for large aquariums & small ponds. Simply place Algone in the filter and replace as per the included instructions.
Algone comes in 2 sizes to fit any aquarium filter
Algone clears cloudy aquarium water, removes nitrates & ammonia, removes pollutants & toxins. Use Algone to balance and maintain a healthy aquarium.
Algone Water Clarifier & Nitrate Remover
Use Algone for large aquariums & small ponds in fish tanks 110 gallons & up.
Algone for large aquariums & small ponds
Algone clears cloudy water, removes nitrates & ammonia, and simplifies aquarium maintenance!
Algone solves common aquarium problems. Protects & prevents too!
Algone balances & maintains a low nutrient environment protecting fish health & aquatic life.
Algone maintains a low nutrient aquatic environment
Algone is safe for use in fresh and saltwater aquariums. Use all natural Algone in delicate planted and reef aquariums.
Use Algone in freshwater, saltwater, planted & reef tanks.
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Algone Overview



ALGONE is a versatile and effective filter additive.

Use ALGONE in freshwater, saltwater, planted, and reef aquariums.

  • Removes nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, toxins, and dissolved organic pollutants
  • Clears cloudy aquarium water and polishes it crystal clear
  • Protects fish health by continuously removing harmful nutrients and toxins from the aquarium
  • Prevents common aquarium problems caused by deteriorating water quality
  • Helps hobbyists maintain a healthy and successful fish tank

The Versatility of Algone

Algone is both, a Problem Solver and a Preventive Solution for freshwater, saltwater, planted and reef aquariums

Why Choose ALGONE?

Helping Every Hobbyist Succeed! ~ since 1995

Problem Solving

Algone solves common aquarium problems caused by deteriorating water quality. Clear cloudy water, remove nitrates, remove toxins and pollutants, improve fish health.

Versatile & Effective

Algone has multiple benefits replacing several products. Algone is gentle and safe to use in all aquaria, including delicate reef and planted tanks.


Algone continuously removes nutrients, toxins, and pollutants from the water, preventing harmful consequences on aquatic life and a visual degradation of the tank.

Aquarium Success

The balancing properties of Algone greatly increase the success rate of aquarium upkeep. Algone makes aquarium maintenance easier and more enjoyable.

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